The Concept Pop-Up Shop ft. Chantz Clothing

The Concept Pop-Up Shop ft. Chantz Clothing

August 14, 2016

"Find a job you love, and you'll never work a day in your life again." 


Almost everyone has heard of this quote, and we search for this feeling and this "job" on a daily. I am definitely guilty of that. I have had over six jobs and have long looked for this "feeling" hoping that one day it will hit me. This week, Chantz Clothing got to be a part of the Concept Pop-Up Shop. This opportunity allowed Chantz Clothing to be in a storefront with 20 other local designers. This was when that feeling really hit me. Both me and my sister got this feeling when we both looked at each other and said... "We're going into work, but this doesn't even feel like work, it's way too fun."  

We were extremely fortunate to be asked by The Wong Collective to have Chantz Clothing featured in the Concept Pop-Up Shop from August 9-14, 2016; located on 434 Columbia St in Vancouver, BC. Honestly, going into all of this my sister and I had no expectations. We were really unsure of how many people would come out to support us, what the numbers for foot traffic would be, and how many customers would actually buy. But we are pleased to say that we are extremely happy with the results from the pop-up. 

The Wong Collective did a great job bringing in local Vancouver designers together. The pop-up store had a variety of women's clothing, men's wear, beautiful handcrafted jewellery, bath soaps, and so much more. The best part was how the shop blended beautifully together, as if it was one. It definitely had a community feel inside the shop. We are thankful to have met so many other talented designers such as:  Fallow Ltd., Sewn Designs, Blindsheep productions, Studio Aroma, Erinlaura, West Coast & Co., LanaBetty,Nepheliad by Scarlet Tolentino, Naturaw YVR, Tink., Örme Soft Goods,peonee, VELT, Project by Mason and more…

One of the best feelings throughout this entire experience is being able to meet our online customers. It's exciting to see people come into the store just to see Chantz Clothing in person. We love seeing our customers try on our clothes, and fall in love with pieces that we have designed. 

We are excited to see more people own Chantz Clothing in their wardrobe! 

Left (Jessica): 'Blake' Trench Vest; Right (Annette): 'Leia' Crop Top & 'Sienna' Trench Coat in Cream White


We would like to thank everyone who came out to support us, as well as our new and old customers. A special thanks to The Wong Collective for getting Chantz involved with the Concept Pop-Up, and for being so helpful throughout the entire experience.  

Everyone we have met and connected with during this week has truly inspired us. We are excited to continue working on our Fall collection, which will be coming very soon! 



Chantz Clothing


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'Blake' Trench Vest & 'Leia' Crop Top


 'Aria' Playsuit


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