Our Journey with Chantz...

Our Journey with Chantz...

August 30, 2017


"Stay curious all the time, but don't let your curiosity eat you up." 


Chantz Clothing began on March 2016. When I look back and reminisce on all the memories that have compiled over the year, I truly can’t help but smile. It certainly feels like a long time ago, but realistically it has only been a little over a year! I just couldn’t be more thankful and blessed to have experienced so many new opportunities, to have met so many new people, but to also see the people who have genuinely supported us from the beginning, and to know that they are still by my side and on the sidelines cheering us on. Those of you probably know who you are, and we just want to give you a big thank you!

It’s been a while since we’ve written a blog. We both have been quite busy! As many of you know, my sister and I do work a few other jobs all while juggling our social life. But, don't fret! Because we do have a lot more in store planned for you guys. 

So, to start off this new blog, I thought I would make it very personal and just catch up with everyone and chat about our journey thus far with Chantz Clothing.

For those who don’t know, Chantz Clothing is an online clothing store founded by two sisters, Annette and Jessica Kuan. The reason for starting our own online clothing store is truly just to kill our curiosity. We've both been raised to work hard, travel lots, and to constantly find adventure. And we've been fortunate enough to experience many opportunities in our lifetime. All of our experiences have taught us to never live and wonder all your life. You have one life to live, make it worthwhile. Stay curious all the time, but don't let your curiosity eat you up. 

2016 was a fun year for Chantz. We participated in the SFU fashion show, 3 pop-up shops, we were featured in BIV newspaper, had one of our coats available in stores at '8th & Main', and we were approached by a few companies such as: VFW, ELLE, and Cosmo to name a few... which definitely heightened our motivation and inspiration. I think the most rewarding part is to be able to look back and know that our work is being recognized. 2016 was definitely a roller coaster. We were both juggling the launch of Chantz with two other part/full time jobs, all while finishing up university. Many times we found ourselves asking when the madness would stop, and if we would ever catch a break, but next thing you know it’s 2017.

Truthfully speaking, 2017 was a much slower year for us. We admit that as owners we were not pushing Chantz as aggressively. We only participated in 2 fashion shows, and only came out with a few new styles. The reason for the slow down was just due to the change of schedule, going in and out of new and old jobs, and finding new passion and excitement in our new careers. It’s still been a hectic year for us, but in a personal way.

Looking ahead, we see a lot more coming for Chantz in 2018. We know that your business can only succeed as much as the work you put in to it. Chantz is our baby! We’ve not only been watching it grow slowly and steadily, but it’s been an eye-opening process watching us both grow together. Even though it’s a high learning curve, a lot of self-motivation, and you constantly have to find yourself getting inspired… I know both our hearts will always be a part of Chantz Clothing. It’s something we started together, and how ever it finishes, we want to be sure we’ve put our full heart in to it.

I am excited for the upcoming year and what’s new to come. I love being able to work with my sister, who is of course not only my business partner, but also my best friend. Thanks again for those have continuously genuinely supported us. And for the loyal customers who have consistently emailed us asking for new products… keep your eyes out ;).

Cheers and Love, 


Annette (left) wearing 'Celine' bomber & 'Leia' Crop Top // Jessica (right) wearing 'Indie' Suede Top & Choker

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