Let's Talk: Lash Extensions

Let's Talk: Lash Extensions

November 21, 2017

Remember those days when everyone would carry lash glue in their little clutches, because you just never know if your false lash is coming off while you’re dancing your night away. Well, looks like those days are gone, *phew* (well, for most anyways). Because honestly, who needs false lashes (oops, I mean real lashes) when you can get lash extensions?!

So many lash extension salons have been popping up everywhere! So what’s so popular about this new trend? If there’s a pro… there’s a gotta be a con. Read below and find out what we think about lash extensions!


5 Minute Mornings
Getting ready is fun! But, not when you need that extra half hour of sleep before going into work. If you talk to any girl who has gotten lash extensions, you would know that the biggest pro of getting lash extension is not having to do your makeup! You just get up, brush up, and leave your house. None of that mascara smudging over your eyelid to deal with anymore!

You look beautiful
Let’s be real. Lash extensions look pretty damn natural compared to false lashes. They’re individual mink, silk or synthetic lashes attached to your existing lashes. But, of course, the curliness and fullness does give it away. BUT when it’s well done, it can be quite mesmerizing. Because each lash is individually attached to your existing lash, it makes the look quite natural and effortlessly doll-like.

You get what you want: LONG lashes
What every girl dreams of, and what (almost) every boy has (but doesn’t need).... long lashes. Probably the second biggest reason for females going after lash extensions… they’re not satisfied with their natural lashes. Super fair! Sometimes, curling and putting coats and coats of mascara just doesn’t do it. Honestly, I think the best part of lash extensions is the length you can obtain… making dreams come true for so many girls!

Besides the fact that lash extensions are attached to your lashes individually compared to glued on false lashes, they are also customizable. In other words, you can choose how long, curly, and voluminous you want your lashes to look. You can make it as natural or as doll-like as you would like it!


It’s a luxury!
Eyelash extensions are a luxury! Of course you can find some good deals online, however do keep in mind that if you want to maintain them it comes with a cost!

Beauty doesn’t come that quickly! The first time you get your lashes done, it will take a few hours, especially depending on how quick your beauty technician is. However, depending on how quickly your lashes come off, you will need to get them refilled every few months. That is some time commitment!

Your eyes look naked without them
Once your lashes start to fall off you have three decisions: ONE, allow them to all individually come off, but you might look a little bare, or TWO, pay a beauty technician to help you remove them, or LASTLY, get them refilled! Lash extensions are addicting. Why? Because once you get them, you can never look back. And I mean… look back at how short your natural lashes are compared to your extensions!

Overall, we think lash extensions are quite an amazing beauty trend.  We are all for what will make a girl feel confident and beautiful. We hope this blog helped, or was at least relatable to you. If you are thinking about getting lash extensions, make sure to do your research! Finding the right beauty technician is the most important step during your research. Not only so, think forward and find out whether or not lash extensions are economical to you. Are you able to maintain them throughout the year? Do you need the extra time in the morning? Is this an expense you can take without breaking the bank?

We have talked to a few girls around the Vancouver area, and here are a few lash extension parlours that they would recommend (We wish we could list more! But these are the only ones we have heard. If you could recommend more in the Vancouver area, let us know and we’ll list it here!)








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