It's Not About the Gifts, It's About the Game! - 5 Holiday Gift Exchanges Perfect for your Party

It's Not About the Gifts, It's About the Game! - 5 Holiday Gift Exchanges Perfect for your Party

December 12, 2017

  1. Secret Santa
    The most known, and probably the most fair… good ol’ Secret Santa. With sites created just for this exchange, it makes this gift exchange extremely easy! Not only so, you probably will get what you want without selfishly hinting to all your friends and family about it, as you are required to make a wishlist... because you gotta make it easy for your Santa! The best part of Secret Santa is being able to have multiple groups of exchange, set minimums and maximums, and wish for everything you could imagine…. And hope that your Santa will take a look at that wishlist ;). Best site to set-up Secret Santa? Elfster.

  2. Musical Gifts
    If you want to get the party going, musical gifts is the way to go! This exchange would require you and your friends to each bring a gift and sit in a circle. Start with one gift that will be passed around while the music plays. When the music stops, whoever has the gift in their hand (Player 1) will unwrap the gift, show everyone and step aside (they are no longer playing). Afterwards, add another gift to the circle and pass around until the music stops. When the music stops the person who has the gift in their hand has two options: unwrap the gift and keep it, OR steal and exchange with Player 1. The more people with gifts, the more you can steal from!

  3. Sisterhood of the Travelling… Giftbox?
    If you’ve got some friends and family who live further than driving distance, or you could even do this if you live in the same city (just for fun), then this is a good one! Here’s how you play:
    -Put a gift into a box and mail it to your friend
    -Your friend receives the box and takes the gift out
    -She will now insert a new gift into the box and mail it to the next friend
    -And so on!
    You can make this even more fun and interesting by putting in the mailing address of someone that’s not in the same friend group, just to connect new people!

  4. Roll the Dice
    Place all your gifts into a pile and divide your friends/family into two even groups. Sit in a line (one behind the other) and have the first two people face each other. Each person will have two dies and each person is required to roll doubles. The first to roll a double will win and be able to pick any gift from their pile. Then they will pass the dies to the person behind them and they will take their turn to roll doubles. Basically, pick a team you think will roll doubles quickly!

  5. Pick and Switch 
    Quite simple. Everyone comes with a gift, and put it all under the tree. Draw numbers from a hat, and of course, first to last will get their pick on their gift. No one is allowed to open it until everyone has a gift in their hand. You can shake it, smell it, and feel it. Now the last person who picked their gift has the chance to switch or keep. If they see something else they MAY like, they can switch with that person OR they can keep their gift. Now, starting from last to first, you have one decision: to keep or to switch! But, remember, as the numbers go down, anyone can take your gift.

Any other ideas? Let us know: OR tell us how your game went and what you won! 



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