6 Transitional Pieces to Get You Through the Sunny, Rainy, Warm, Cold, Chilly, maybe Snowy Weather

6 Transitional Pieces to Get You Through the Sunny, Rainy, Warm, Cold, Chilly, maybe Snowy Weather

October 31, 2017

It’s that time of year where it’s mother nature’s time of month and she can’t decide whether she’s sunshine happy-go-lucky or crying her eyes out and flooding our streets because her boyfriend asked her why she’s so moody today.

Going from Fall to Winter we feel the 18’C sunshine one day, and the next it’s 6’C and we have to pull out the rain boots. Biggest question in our mind every morning: “Looks so cold outside... should I pull out my parka? But… what if it gets warm at 2pm and I look like a fool in the middle of the day sweating through my jacket? What do I wear?!”

Luckily, that’s where Chantz comes in to save your day! We have created a few transitional pieces not only for Fall to Winter, but also Spring to Summer and Summer to Fall! We’re all about transitional pieces, because we want to bring value to your closet! Take a look and find out which pieces will best fit into your wardrobe!

Alina Coat $85.00

I guarantee you that this coat will be one of your favourites on Monday morning. Why? It’s a wrap coat… it really doesn’t get any more comfy, cozy or easy as this! The outer layer is a blended wool material, and the inner is a polar fleece (to keep your warm and cozy).

Fawn Coat $80.00

Classic camel… enough said. Pretty much everyone in this world needs that classic camel coat in their wardrobe. It’s timeless! However, with the Fawn Coat you’re adding a zipper feature to your classic style: making it modern x classic, but don’t forget light and warm! Did we also mention that it pretty much goes with everything!

Celine Bomber $60.00

This bomber will be your Friday morning go-to. Why? Because it’s casual fridays… BUT if you’re heading to the office with a pair of dress pants, you can still pull this bomber off! The quilted look with the square pockets keeps this bomber looking dressy. But, the comfort of this bomber is how casual you will be feeling all day long.

Catalina Sweater $45.00

That off the shoulder trend isn’t only for the summer-time… let's keep it going all through Fall and Winter. We’re obsessed with this sweater because you’re still cool and warm throughout the day (as in warm when the morning is crisp, and cool when mother nature starts to heat up). How to wear it? Tuck it into your high-waisted jeans for the 70’s look we love!

Elsa Coat $65.00

How can we pur-suede you with this piece? How about the faux suede material used to create this coat? The Elsa Coat was created with a slightly more ‘oversized’ look so that you can wear this in the office from Monday to Thursday… meaning you look stylish, but also sit comfortably in your desk, or wherever your comfy self may be!

Siena Trench $65.00

Not only for Fall to Winter, but so good during Spring to Summer. This lightweight trench ft. a drape front made in two pastel colours is one of our most popular pieces. It also features two deep-front pockets to keep your hands warm on those chillier nights. All we know is that if you don’t have a lightweight pastel trench in your wardrobe… you’re probably missing something!

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